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Gargash Sea Food Products

Royal Fisheries Trading LLC is a leading seafood Processor, exporter and importer based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company is a part of the Prestigious Gargash Group of companies. Though started only in 1995, the company has gained great reputation as one of the most quality conscious and reliable seafood supplier in the region.

The company is engaged in processing and packing of all kinds of seafood products which are sold in domestic and international markets. In addition seafood from all over the world are imported for sale in local and GCC markets. We act as wholesalers and retailers of all types of seafood items. Company also has fresh fish retail stalls in major shopping malls.

The Factory is situated in Al Quoz industrial area, Dubai. The state of the art factory rank as among the best in the region and is designed to meet US FDA and EU standards. The factory is made of puf insulated panels and operate in a fully temperature controlled atmosphere ideal for handling seafood items. A fast contact plate freezer and a modern trolley freezer both having a capacity of 24 tons each per day provide flexibility to handle big volume while maintaining quality of the product. An in-house flake ice machine having a capacity of 12 MT per day ensure only quality ice is used in production. Only properly treated potable water supply is used in the factory. There are three cold stores capable of maintaining tp to -28 degree centigrade and can store about 1000 MT. Read more.

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