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EATON - MCB RCCB RCBO and DIN Rail Isolators

  • Eaton’s range of 6kA high performance Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) are manufactured to IEC/EN 60898, meeting the latest UK, European and International standards, with ratings from 2A to 63A as standard.
  • DIN rail mountable and suitable for use with both pin and comb type busbar systems
  • Eaton’s MCBs are suitable for use on 230/240 V, AC systems and are calibrated for use at 40°C.
  • These devices suite with the other modular devices including RCBOs, RCCBs and Isolators, for use within Eaton’s consumer units and a wide range of other applications. 
  • The Eaton 6kA MCBs are fitted with box clamp terminals suitable for use with cables up to 25mm2.
  • Available with both B and C characteristic curves as standard. Type B MCBs are most commonly used in domestic applications, however the use of type C devices may be desirable e.g. on lighting circuits where high switching surges are involved. Type D devices are not commonly used in other than industrial applications.

Technical Details

  • Type B: Suitable for general, domestic and commercial installations having little or no switching surges
  • Type C: Suitable for general use in commercial or industrial applications where the greater use of fluorescent lighting and small motors can produce switching surges, which may cause nuisance tripping of type B breakers.
  • Type D: Suitable for General Industrial applications where there are a lot of high inrush switching surges associated with equipment such as transformers, large motors, welding and X ray equipment.
IEC/EN 60898 Type Instantaneous Trip Current (x ln) Typical Application Eaton 6kA MCB Type
B 3 to 5 Domestic EAD B
C 5 to 10 Commercial Light Industrial EAD C
D 10 to 20 General Industrial  --

Technical Data

Product standard    IEC/EN 60898
No of poles    1P
Mechanical specification
Device width    17.7mm
Terminal type    Box clamp
Terminal capacity    1-25mm2
Terminal Screw    M5 combination
Terminal torque recommended    2.0Nm - max 2.4Nm
Mounting    DIN rail
Degree of protection    IP 20
Positive contact indication    Yes (Toggle position)
Electrical Specification
Rated voltage    230/240V AC
Current ratings    2, 4, 6, 10, 13, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63 A
Rated impulse and withstand voltage    4kV (1.2/50 sec)µ sec
Rated short circuit capacity    6kV
Selectivity class    3 to IEC/EN 60898
Tripping characteristic
Instantaneous Tripping current 1 mt    Type B: 3ln Type C: 5ln Conventional non tripping current    l nt = 1.13ln
Conventional tripping current    lt = 1.45ln
Ref/calibration temp    40°C
Number of operating cycles elec    >4000
Number of operating cycles mech    >20000

Eaton Residential Range - 6kA

The Eaton range of 6kA high performance Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) has been designed to meet the latest UK, European and International standards, with ratings from 2A up to 63A as standard.

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