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Master Plug - Indoor Power


Catalogue Number Description  
PT13W-01 13A fuse fitted, White  
PT13B-01 13A fuse fitted, Black  
PT133W-01 3A fuse fitted, White  
PT135W-01 5A fuse fitted, White  
7B-01 13A fuse fitted, Black
(Heavy duty)
7W-01 13A fuse fitted, White
(Heavy duty)
PT13HW-MS 13A fuse fitted, White
(With handle)
SC13/5-MP Socket covers (pack of 5)  
P41-MP Multi plug  
  • Manufactured to BS1363/A
  • 13 amp at 250V AC. 250C maximum continuous ambient temperature
  • Sleeved pins: Extruded from solid brass with brass slotted head terminal screws for a conductor size of 1.5mm maximum


Catalogue Number Description  
MSU2/NK-MS 2 Way, unfused  
MSF3/NK-MS 3 Way, fused  
MS16N-04 3 Way UK Plug, 10A  
MS15N-04 3 Way 15A Plug, 10A  
SHADC-MP Shaver adaptor, fused  
MSWG3-MS 3 Way 13A individually switched + neon, fused  
  • Manufactured to BS1363
  • Sleeved pins: Extruded from solid brass firmly rivetted to contact
  • Shaver adaptor - to fit 13 amp 250V socket. *Fitted with 1 amp fuse to BS646 for electric shavers only

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