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FLAKT WOODS - Inline Fans / Espada - Tube Fan

Espada duct fans are typically found as boost fans within long duct runs and trickle extract fans due to the nature of them moving the air in-line with the axis of the impeller. The Espada is often used as bathroom extract and in hydroponic applications where humidity is high. It has a light weight yet durable construction and are designed to fit directly into spiral ductwork for a quick installation. Due to the lower flow rates and pressure, tube fans have very low noise levels making them ideal for installation into ceiling voids.


  • 100-355 mm diameter
  • Volume flow up to 0.65m³/s
  • Static pressure up to 900 Pa
  • AC Motor (230V/1ph/50hz or 60hz)
  • Motor protection to IP44
  • Backward curved centrifugal impellers

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