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EATON - Eaton Commercial & Industrial Range - 10kA/15kA

The Eaton range of 10kA/15kA high performance Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) has been designed to meet the latest UK, European and International standards, with ratings from 1A up to 63A.

  • Eaton’s range of 10/15kA high performance miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) are manufactured and tested to IEC EN 60898, and IEC EN 60947-2, meeting the latest UK, European and international standards, with ratings from 1A to 63A as standard.
  • DIN rail mountable and suitable for use with both pin and comb type busbar systems.
  • Eaton’s MCBs are suitable for use on 230/400 VAC systems and are calibrated for use at 40°C.
  • These devices suite with the other modular devices including RCBOs, RCCBs and isolators, for use within Eaton Memshield 3 Distribution boards and a wide range of other applications.
  • The Eaton MCBs are fitted with box clamp terminals suitable for use with cables up to 25mm2, and have a unique box clamp barrier to prevent incorrect cable insertion. 
  • Available with B, C and D characteristic curve as standard. Type C MCBs are most commonly used in commercial and general applications where there are lighting or motor loads involving high switching surges that may cause unwanted operation of type B devices. Type D devices are more commonly used on general industrial applications with much higher inrush surges.


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