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ALSTOM - MiCOM Alstom P441, P442 and P444

MiCOM Alstom P441, P442 & P444 numerical full scheme distance relays provide flexible, fast and reliable protection of transmission and sub-transmission lines.

Basic description:

  • Full scheme 5-zone distance, plus aided directional earth fault (DEF) and comprehensive backup protection 
  • Application fields: utility lines and cables at all voltage levels, particularly oriented towards transmission grids 
  • Single circuit breaker application - single and/or 3-pole tripping 
  • Full suite of monitoring, control and recording capabilities plus fault locator, autoreclose and check synchronism
  • Comprehensive communication options including IEC 61850 and redundant Ethernet ports 
  • IEC61850-9-2 interface option allows integration within digital substation process bus architectures 
  • Variety of built-in aided schemes over 2 channels 
  • Unparallelled speed, security and selectivity

Main characteristics:

  • Settable quadrilateral operating characteristic offering consistent 0.85-1.3 cycle zone 1 operating time for general distance application 
  • Choice of cost-effective built-in teleprotection: InterMiCOM64 at 56/64 kbit/s for direct fibre or MUX links with 2 or 3 ended applications; or EIA (RS) 232 for MODEM links in 2 ended applications 
  • IEC 61850 redundant Ethernet, supporting self healing ring, RSTP, dual homing or PRP

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