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BG ENGLAND - Nexus White Modulded

Available with Round or Square edge profiles. Round edge for a premium feel or Square edge offering exceptional value.

Euro Module - Range Extension:

  • Select the desired combination of front-plate and module(s).
  • Simple installation, wire the module through the front-plate aperture then push click the module in place

Grid - Range Extension:

A customisable selection of power grid modules that provide a seamless appearance with the associated wiring accessories.

  • Firstly, screw the grid frame to the mounting box and wire the modules
  • Then slot the module on to the frame and click into place
  • Finally, fit the finished plate
  • Screw covers for sleek appearance
  • Flush power LED & inlaid red rocker indicator
  • Angled in-line colour coded captive terminals
  • Modern slim profile

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