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ALSTOM - MiCOM Alstom P746

MiCOM Alstom P746 centralised numerical busbar protection provides complete protection for all voltage levels up to extra-high voltage busbar configurations.

Proven techniques and dynamic topology processing algorithms offer a combination of security, speed and sensitivity. 

Simple configuration for centralised architectures

The MiCOM Alstom P746 differential busbar protection provides a centralised one box or three box architecture and is very simple to use, as it does not need to be deeply engineered and supports easy operation and maintenance of busbars.

Basic description:

  • Complete protection for MV and HV busbar configurations with up to 2 zones and 18 feeders 
  • Suitable for scheme engineering by any integrator - no pre-engineering, no engineering hours payable to Alstom
  • Use one box for schemes up to 6 feeders, and 3 boxes (one per phase) for larger schemes up to 18 feeders 
  • Interoperable with all classes of CT: IEEE, IEC, air-gapped, non-gapped - and CTs with moderate knee point voltage 
  • 10 integrated function keys, tri-colour LEDs, and graphical programmable logic permit the creation of comprehensive schemes, tailored to your needs 
  • IEC 61850 redundant Ethernet, supporting self healing ring, RSTP, dual homing or PRP

Main characteristics:

  • Typical operating time of 12 ms with high speed/high break (HSHB) contacts or 17 ms with standard contacts 
  • Phase segregated biased current differential high speed busbar protection 
  • Easy maintenance, operation and future expansion of the busbar supported 
  • Deploy in ring-bus/mesh corners, single busbars, sectionalised busbars, and one per bus in breaker and a half topologies

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