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XLPE power cable offered by us are light in weight and carry higher current capacity. They are capable to withstand short circuit temperature and emergency overload. We have manufactured these XLPE power cables from top notch material to ensure optimum durability.

  • Could easily bear emergency overload
  • Are not prone to the flow of excessive current
  • Light weight

Striking Properties of XLPE Cables:


  • Higher current carrying capacity (Higher permissible continuous conductor temperature upto 90°C)
  • Higher short circuit rating (XLPE can withstand short circuit temperature upto 250°C)
  • Higher Temperature to withstand emergency overload (upto 130°C )
  • Extremely low dielectric losses (very important for HV cables)
  • Are light in weight and much easier jointing & termination with smaller bending radius

Range of XLPE Cables:


  • H.T. Power Cables upto 33 KV to IS:7098 (Part II) 1988/IEC 60502 (Part II)
  • L.T. Power Cables to IS: 7098 (Part I) 1988/IEC 60502 (Part I)
  • Control Cables to IS: 7098 (Part I) 1988/IEC 60502 (Part I)
  • Aerial Bunched Cables to IS: 7098 (Part I) 1988/IEC 60502 (Part I)

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